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Yantram Studio has par excellence in creating 3D visualization of your imagination. We always follow basic steps to cater our clients what they desire.

Let’s take a look into those basic steps which gives a perfect 3D visualization at the end.

Carve the minds and pull out the correct information

Asking questions and making statements is what should be in the core. Before creating any visualization, will it not be appropriate to ask clients what they want? Forming proper set of questions related to 3D Interior Visualization, Architectural Visualization, 3D Interior Exterior Design or Virtual Panorama Tour helps you in many ways,

  •  Gives a clear image of what client want from us.
  •  Helps in completing the project efficiently and effectively adhering time constraint.
  •  Serve the best possible 3D visualization of interior home design, exterior design, architectural design and more.

One can ask as many questions as possible in the beginning and work parallel with the clients to avoid wastage of time and energy for the futuristic tasks of the project.

Craft, Draft roughly to get familiar with the primary data before the final innovation.

Go through each and every information in detail. Sometimes, it may happen that client haven’t drilled into what exactly they want, so we have to dig up the roots to get detailed information in order to avoid changes from client’s end. Sketch the rough idea of 3d interior visualization, architectural visualization, 3d interior exterior design or interior home designs which you have got after completely analysing client’s requirements. It directly connects you with what client expects from us and also helps in properly defining the primary elements.

Select 3D Modelling and visualization accurately as per client’s requirement.

Clients may portray their requirements in subtle elements or demonstrate the designs which are the primary requisite of any project, yet the most ideal path is to give the illustrative pictures as samples. It will spare much time and get on well with the client from the early phases of the project. It’s required to have pictures of the considerable number of designs to be utilized as a part of the last work.

Arrange your work

The work should be properly arranged in a proper way to avoid even a minor change. It should be categorized mainly into three stages: beginning, middle and the final one resulting into saving lot of time.

Follow on agreed things strictly and act on time

If you are working only on 3D visualization and not design, strictly follow what the client has agreed upon. Client’s requirements should be our priority. If client does not need textures in the visualization, no need to add in because it’s your choice. Following the agreed things strictly will help you to act on time and deliver the project before deadline.

Learn, Sketch and Design

Try to pick up things that are amidst you. Ponder on what kind of visualization you want to create. Research on various colours and colour combination, designs, go for photography to innovate your ideation, if possible. Sketch your idea with the colours you want to use in designing. These things really work when you wish to work quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

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