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Augmented Reality is found Everywhere in the Business World

With the phrase “World is evolving!” I am not only pointing towards the technology advancement but also the aftermath. With the advancement in technology, we too have changed our working tips and tricks. Yes, we agree with the fact that we are inclined to new technology and taking few good steps to make our business and brand reach to the targeted audience.

In fact saying inclined to new technology we should say  We are going 3D! isn’t so?

I am here talking about how Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has walked into the business and trapped people in the fantasy of feel and touch.

Augmented Reality is a technology connecting the real world with the virtual world overlaying the real-time camera view of your smartphones, tablets, PC and wearable headsets.

It’s usage has been seen everywhere. Businesses are now using the simple but effective strategy to reach to its people “What we see, we believe!” Starting from architectural visualization, interior designing to game development and digital marketing, AR Technology has covered them all.

More than enterprise applications, a trend of games is ruling the business. Developing games using AR technology creates an immersive experience like driving your own car in your room!

Augmented Reality to media and marketing is not popular, still you can hear some voices of AR in these fields.

In interiors and constructions, the use of Augmented Reality is trending.

 Augmented Reality Devices

Augmented Reality is used on all screens and connected devices. On smartphones and tablets it feels like heaven. One can discover hundreds of AR applications available on Google and iTunes store.

Now-a-days, smart TV is also in use. With PC and smart TV, AR works with a webcam which is quiet cumbersome yet the experience is really awesome.

What can be said about the wearable devices? You just need to feel the change when you use these devices for any AR apps.

To improve the overall growth of your business, the trump card is Augmented Reality.

For developers, if you want to create an app or game using AR technology, AR SDK is right available.

Need to create an interactive print campaign with Augmented Reality features? Add a clear call-to-action on your print and use an existing Augmented Reality viewer before investing time and money in your own app.

Concluding with the best practices of AR, I would say, the era of AR will not end soon, it will last for long.

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