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“The Surprising Joy Of Virtual Reality And why it’s about to change the world.” Says Yantram Studio.

The saying applies here,

With the advancements in technology, man has created wonders and Virtual Reality is the best example of the same. What else can be said about the advancement, If man can invent computers, he can do anything. Previously, Virtual Reality Application was either displayed on computers or seen through stereoscopic devices. Today, no computers, no special stereoscopes are required to feel the imaginary life. It has come extremely nearer to us and knocked our doors.

Have you ever thought of virtual reality technology playing a major part in medicating people? But, yes this is the fact. The Medics have started using this technology as a therapy for children, to drive away people from stress, depression, to reduce anxiety and lot more. This one technology has changed the ideation of medicating people.

Now, it’s one more step ahead, this technology is going to change our lifestyles. The way we look at the world now and then. Everything… Virtual Reality is transforming the whereabouts of residents and making it to a beautiful living place using Virtual Reality glasses that contain the audio and video content specially designed for aged and people suffering by dementia. These glasses have pave the way for healthier life and has changed the way of living in true sense. Look at the new phase, the lifestyle which will lead in future and the lifestyle which we are leading at present, there is a huge difference.

This initiation has already taken its baby step. The Australian based Mercy Health and Aged Care Inc is now extending a new virtual lifestyle program giving it a successful trial.

Mercy trialled the glasses with seven residents living with dementia at Mercy Place Parkville with a six-minute helicopter ride over France, Iceland and Africa.

“The virtual reality project aims to encourage discussion around reminiscence and conversation among residents and provide users with quality of life, said Karren Gooding, Mercy Health lifestyle manager.”

For residents living with dementia, we can’t cure the dementia but we can help to give them a better life and create enjoyment,” Ms Gooding told Technology Review.

“The same with high care residents or residents with other conditions; if we can help to tick off things from their bucket list, provide them with enjoyment and give them a reason for getting out of bed each day, it is worth it.” Ms Gooding further added.

These VR glasses are designed especially for Aged Care people. They are light in weight, portable and the software integrated inside the glass captures qualitative footage of real places.

The Virtual Way of living life

Can we think this way? No. But, yes the technology has already shown miracles in many ways and now this project. We can truly say, Virtual Reality, the inventor of new life.

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