Top View of small house by Yantram 3D Floor Plan Designer, San Jose – California

dollhouse view of small house, San Jose – California
Small House View

Project 56: Small House Floor Plan Design
Client: 723. FM
Location: San Jose – California

Nestled in the heart of San Jose, California, a masterpiece of architectural brilliance awaits your admiration. Yantram 3D Floor Plan Designer has left no stone unturned in crafting a small house that defies expectations, and from a top view, its charm truly shines.

Aerial Perspective:

From an aerial perspective, this small house showcases meticulous planning and a blend of contemporary and traditional design elements. Its compact footprint doesn’t hinder its grandeur; rather, it enhances its cozy allure.

Exquisite Landscaping:

Surrounded by lush, well-maintained gardens, the small house embraces nature seamlessly. The top view reveals an intricate network of pathways, flower beds, and greenery that not only adds to the visual appeal but also invites tranquility into the space.

Architectural Finesse:

The Yantram 3D Floor Plan Designer has paid meticulous attention to every architectural detail. The top view unveils a perfect symmetry in the house’s layout, with a charming front porch leading to the main entrance. The roof design, featuring gabled and dormer windows, adds character to the house.

3D floor plan layout

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3D floor plan rendering

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3d architectural walkthrough

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