3d Exterior Modeling of modern terrace garden By Yantram architectural visualization companies-Sydney, Australia


The terrace garden is also called a roof garden,​3d exterior modeling it is a garden in which vegetables, flowers, and fruits are developed on terraces, balconies or roofs of buildings. The kitchen garden, a normal in every Indian household, has now shifted to the roof due to constraints of space and is known as a terrace garden. In the other sense, a terrace garden can be used as an ​3d exterior modeling ornamental landscaping feature, a way to make a landscape functional for gardening, or a source of crops. Terrace gardens are constructed by leveling areas of a hillside and building retaining walls to prevent erosion by ​3d exterior modeling studio. Terraces reduce both the amount and velocity of water moving across the soil surface, which greatly reduces soil erosion. Terracing thus permits more intensive cropping than would otherwise be possible by ​3d exterior modeling studio .

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