Architectural Rendering Services to Gulf Gas Station & Car by Yantram architectural rendering studio, Dallas, USA


Architectural rendering service giant sign listing fuel prices, Grimy gas pumps, Overflowing garbage cans, Bits of trash littering the ground around the pump (crinkled straws, crumpled receipts and napkins, gum wrappers, cigarette butts), Paper towel dispensers, Self-service squeegee stations, Slump-shouldered gas attendants washing bug-splattered windows ,Pallets of merchandise for sale by the door, Pay-at-the-pump signs, A motor oil display, architectural rendering service, Signage indicating food or drink sales, A locked ice machine, Bags of firewood, Security cameras wired into the building or roof, Painted yellow curb lines surrounding the pump stations, architectural rendering service, An abandoned pay phone, Graffiti-dressed bathrooms around the back or inside the store, Window signs offering convenience store specials, Air and water hoses and Giant RVs blocking access to the air hoses and dual pumps. architectural rendering service

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