3D walkthrough of Food Processing Machine Unit by Yantram architectural modeling firm UAE

Yantram Studio delivered highly realistic 3D Industrial – #Architecturalanimation 3d walkthrough and cut-shot animation for One of Food processing Unit in UAE. We just require basic input from your side to make the perspectives and 3D walkthrough to look as localised as you want. This video contains all areas of property like ground floor, veg wash & packaging machine, bread production, doughnut production, cake manufacturing process, fruit salad and juice production, butchery cutting and packing, poultry cutting and packaging, low-risk lobby, high-risk lobby and finished goods store with machinery and its 3d walkthrough animation process. We made all camera animation in that way where a customer can easily understand process and importance of each area. Yantram Architectural Studio makes the rendering understandable, unique, and perfect which gives unforgettable experience with an exclusive visual treat.

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