3d Floor Plan Design Services to Small New Style One Bedroom Apartment by Yantram Architectural Animation Studio, San Francisco – California

Project 777: Small One-Bedroom Apartment floor plan design company
Client: 689. Ramiro
Location: San Francisco – California

This small one-bedroom apartment plans and designs has a foyer or entrance gate, to the left we see a room and design of a linear kitchen, a single bedroom is located downtown. Bathroom has been located in Corner with ventilation through roof (if you cannot afford this kind of ventilation you can do duct by side and exit through side wall that will also do same function), access to living room is through right passageway & includes a small kitchen of 3D Home Floor Plan Design by architectural rendering company, Dallas – USA

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Small New Style One Bedroom Apartment of 3d floor plan design services ,  San Francisco – California
Small New Style One Bedroom Apartment View

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