3D Architectural Walkthrough of a Township in Red Oak, Texas

The 3D Architectural Walkthrough depicts a broad glimpse of the concept of a township in Red Oak, Texas. The shopping zone is on one side and the neighborhood is on the other side. Both of the localities are divided by the main road. The 3D Architectural Visualization Studio kept the abstraction of traffic in mind and thus the 3D Architectural Walkthrough consists of broad space for parking for every shop in the 3D Model. The design is very eco-friendly because it contains many trees, plants, and lawns. There’s a two-way road presented in the 3D Architectural Walkthrough to enter the neighborhood from the main road. The 3D Model is created with the thought of comfort for the pedestrian, cyclist, and automobile driver. The main road is also partitioned in two ways. Overall, the 3D Architectural Visualization Studio has thought of the convenience of the client first. The entire composition of the park and shopping zone is very unique. A gorgeous fountain is placed in the center following a park. View from the top illustrates the structure of the concept. It discloses the client with the ideology and takes the client into virtual reality. This 3D Model can turn into modern infrastructure. The daily need of the individuals dwelling in the neighborhood can be accomplished from the shopping center across the road. The client can gain profit by introducing a housing area next to the shopping center. The seating arrangement in the middle of the shopping center is very elegant and rare. A swimming pool is provided in the residential area which is a benefit for the clients. Pool parties can be arranged during the weekend.

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