Virtual reality studio

We develop real time Interactive application where users can move into property the way they want. You can feel the Virtual Reality Experience in many ways such as we can develop Virtual Reality Application for iOS and Android where user can use mobile acceleration to experience VR and if they have facility of Cardboard Device then they also Experience to visit the Virtual World.

Virtual Reality Walkthrough

Interactive Rendering

Beyond mobile application we provide a complete end to end Real Estate Sales tool for Desktop Touchscreen, Oculus and HTC Vive which high realistic quality. We develop our application based on Unity3D and Unreal Engine (UE4).

360 Virtual Reality Apps Web Based application

Show your property whether it is interior or exterior though our interactive solution via markup / pointers to navigate the property around. Along with this pointers and markup we can provide property information on interactive manner to display its price, size and the status whether it is sold or vacant.

Developed For,

VR Web Application VR Mobile Application VR HTML5 Application VR Carboard Application
Virtual Reality 360 Panaromic

Virtual Reality toure for real estate solution

Our Firm deliver high quality 360 Degree Animation Video for any kind of property. While the standard animation moving around the property at the same time user can interact and see the property 360 Degree which will be an advantage of user. User will not only see what we would like to see but can change the angle the way he want.

This is Video Can Developed 1080p to 2016p in 4K High end Resolution. User can view this Video through Youtube on web, Mobile and Carboard with its Interactive Functionlly.

Developed For,

VR Web Application VR Mobile Application VR Carboard Application VR 360 Video
3D Web Interactive Elevation

Realstate Sales Tools

VR Realstate marketing-oriented website that is well designed with “calls to action” can literally catapult your real estate business to the next level. Ninety-two percent of home buyers use the internet, and 50 percent use a mobile website or app at some point during the home buying process
Developed For,

VR Web Application VR HTML5 Application
Virtual Reality 360 Walkthrough

VR Immersive Viewing in 360°

Virtual Reality 360 Panaromic Animation


We served the industry where visualization required!

Virtual Reality Apps for Carboard

VR Carboard Application

Virtual Reality Apps for Desktop

VR Desktop Application

Virtual Reality Apps for Tab

VR Tab Application

Virtual Reality Apps for Mobile

VR Mobile Application

Virtual Reality Game Apps

VR Game Application

Application Based Virtual Reality

VR Ocalus Application

Colloborate with us VR Specialist :

Collaborate with studio to work on your large- small variety of projects with a focus reaching beyond Virtual Reality technologies with a dedicated in-house team.

we are the right choice for vR, 360 project and AR services.

Dedicated team work :

We are mad scientist to focus on research & development to create fully immersive and interactive 3D gyroscopically worlds. Our unique combination of technological innovation meant that we will able to create something far greater than initially expected.

VR Consultant Experience :

Every six months the cameras change, the viewers improve, huge demand for high-quality VR experiences this is an exciting time for VR and we want to be able to find what works and shape the technology.

For now, There will be Yantram studio dipping its toe into VR video


"When it comes to imagination – virtual reality technology gives wings to human imagination"

Application Based (Non-immersive)

Application Based Virtual Reality

By using computer monitor to display the visual world. This sometimes called Desktop Virtual Reality or a Window on a World (WoW). Where customized application based Virtual Reality created by the professionals keeping in view the target industry or their specific requirements.

Yantram Studio welcomes all Industry player to develop their customized Virtual Reality Application.

Oculus Rift
(Visual Base)

Oculus Rift virtual Reality

In immersive Virtual Reality, the user becomes fully immersed in an artificial, three-dimensional world that is completely generated by a computer.

World's most popular interface for Immersive Virtual Reality by Oculus Rift, in the Head Mounted Device Category has change the User Experience whether Gaming World or Corporate Business World. it is going beyond gaming in the time to come.

(Sensor Based)

Kinect Sensor Based VR application

"The Future is in the Motion Sensing Technology." In recent years Sensing Technology has played vital role in Imersive Technology and Virtual Reality Environment & This technology is widely use to cater various business solutions to Industries.

The major success factor for the Kinect DK2 is to provide detailed depth sensing and skeletal tracking at a much lower cost than other depth sensing technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality Development

The seamless merging of real space and virtual space. Integratee the computer-generated virtual objects into the physical world which become in a sense an equal part of our natural environment..

AR Technology like AR Catalouge, Online Shopping, Advertising & etc... simply Enhancing Desition Making Process to Achieve the Better Results.

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Game Development

In recent years, the gaming industry has seen a number of hyped trends come and go: games on social networks, 3D gaming, systems that let you control in-game avatars by moving your body. Now get ready for another one: Virtual Reality Technology.

VRE provides a unique platform for Game application developement Industry, With Innovative Interfaces.

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Yantram Studio, 100% dedicated Architectural marketing solution, caters to various industries for their 3D designing requirements for last decade.

Virtual Reality Architecture Design

Interactive Exterior

Interior virtual Reality

Interactive Exterior

Interactive Exterior

Interactive Exterior

Being pioneer & Trusted name in more than 30+ countries, it was a proud moment where we have catered Virtual Reality Application and Solutions for Real Estate Companies , while most of the companies are still about to adopt the VRT as their sales & Marketing Tool for their Mega Project worldwide.

It's transfusion for the real estate industry n the real estate developers, property management companies, Architects, Consultant and professional involve within the industry who already enjoying 3D Technology in their daily practice commercial presentation of projects as a part of Visualization but if we go a step ahead with Virtual Reality with this bracket means.....

"With the use of Virtual Realty Application of Yantram Studio, it allows clients to Virtually walk through their future home or property, sit on the furniture, feel n move into any part of the same, look out from windows and gallery to garden and that's the paradox of the Virtual Reality & 3D Technology at Yantram Studio"

Yantram have got expertise & take very early initiative to implement VR, for the real estate world and will be catering different solutions to the tycoons of the real estate in the world.

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