Royal and Attractive looking Living Rooms

When it comes to repainting the house, our mind stops working specially when it comes to Living Room. We feel so exhausted and fatigue that we sometimes think of dropping the idea. Again to choose colour schemes and check which colour will match the furniture!!

Living room is that area of the house which attracts the guests and family members more. We all plan the most naughtiest and healthy discussions at this area. In few words, A place to be in for hours.

Yes, it’s true that repainting the Living Room is like writing a novel. Folks, Don’t worry!! Be Happy. I am here to solve this big fatigue of yours. I will make it simple and creative for you.

Steps that will help you discard your dilemma of choosing right colours for your walls.

  1. Colours should speak what you want to express and should be soothing the eyes.
  2. Don’t paint your walls gaudy and make it look ugly with more that what dark colour means to you.
  3. Paint it and make yourself feel like living in a paradise and refreshing.

Let’s take some of the beautiful examples which will give creative ideas for repainting your living room.

day-view-residential-3d-interior-rendering-livingroom-berlinWhite walls involve peace and coolness around you. They are real cool option. It gives a royal look when the living space is wide. Placing and selecting furniture depends on you. Definitely pastel colour furniture will change your mood and will freshen up your mind.

holidays-home-3d-interior-design-livingroom-madridAnother option with white walls is this. A big living area can have a partition, if you want to combine your dining room with it. Let your imagination scream out and touch your presence. The occur colour furniture at one end and white colour sofa set with red colour couches completes the lavish look. It signifies the holiday mood.

night-view-residential-3d-interior-rendering-living-room-tokyoAre you a night person? Then this option suits you. The night is always dark but when the moon shines with a bright light, the atmosphere turns calm and beautiful.

residential-3d-interior-cgi-living-dining-room-istanbulThe Eye-soothing and attractive option comes in. Is your furniture royal? Make your walls look alike. The lining walls leaves a signature in your living room. Whoever comes in and look at it , they will not hesitate saying Waaaoooo!!!

There are more options for you below. But keep experimenting with colours and make your living room walls look attractive and royal like you!!!

Interior Design Rendering for Club House Living Room and Kitchen


Written by Yantram Architectural Studio

Founder & Managing Director - Yantram Animation Studio

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