Augmented Reality – An Interactive World to live in !

In the past few years, we have come across a new technology called Augmented Reality which says “Interact with your dream world through your own senses”, meaning we can play games with our gestures and body movements, we can feel a well constructed building at a foot as if it is in real and can walk around it easily via zoom in and zoom out. It is an evolution which paves the way to add information discoveries to the real world in undefined possibilities.

Today, with the advancement in technology, people have moved ahead and welcomed the interactive world of visualization with a big smile.

Let’s take an example of Education System, then and now. Don’t you feel a drastic change in the education system? A decade ago , when we used to study about animals, science, fiction or numerology, we never had such kind of interactive study materials. We were piled up with countless books of various subjects just to make our concepts clear. Now, the learning has become easy and intuitive. Children can visualize horse galloping, water evaporating, learn various scientific formula and solve mathematical problem easily by using this technology.

Augmented reality has widened the room for various industry sectors, fun, games, sports education and others by providing cutting-edge solutions at every level . Being the world more into the usage of powerful gadgets and mobile devices, vivid gaming and other applications are available in mobile app stores to demonstrate the master pieces of this interactive technology.


But, is this going to improve the marketing strategies and user experience?

As per the market research, sources have found that people are getting inclined more towards the AR applications. The applications developed using AR technology provide the customize interactive features which help people to present their information in moving, action- oriented and interactive way.

Let’s take an example of real estate.

Real estate require different and unique solutions to grab customer’s attention. Using this AR technology, you can amaze them with possible ways. Now, users can walk through their future property via one touch and feel the heaven inside. This technology helps you in preparing interactive 3D presentations which cater customers about all the aspects of their new locality or property.

This is not the end. Not only education or real estate industry, various other industries have found Augmented Reality , the best way to influence people and be advantageous to lead the competitive world.


Written by Yantram Architectural Studio

Founder & Managing Director - Yantram Animation Studio

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