Yantram Shifts to New Office, Grows Bigger and Better

New place, new hopes and rejuvenated energy – this is what awaits the Yantram employees as they plan to shift to their new office. Yes, Yantram is shifting to a new place. Our Animation Studio has proliferated in the last few years. Thanks to our clientele and of course, our ever-enthusiastic employees, we have been able to etch a good name in our industry. But, with recognition comes more responsibilities.

page3As Yantram flourished, our work grew and as the name of clients kept escalating, so did our need for talented personnel. It is now time to make place for new talents in the company, which is why our directors have planned to move on to a new place. A better infrastructure is one of the core traits that the new office will have. Apart from infrastructure, the place also holds better amenities. A different kind of excitement could be clearly marked in Yantram’s team.

page1Undoubtedly, Yantram’s employees are more than happy to move over to a new place. But when one of our senior teammates approached our managing director, Mr. Rituraj Desai, for this pleasant change, he answered humbly, “I am grateful to all my clients for showing such faith and believing in our potential. Given the competition in the animation industry, it is hard to survive if you do not have good clients. But, kudos to you people, my employees cum my partners in growth, who have never let our clients down and have always rendered the best models for our clients. It is time your hard work gets rewarded.”

Our director said that it has been ensured that teams which need clubbing could do so without any hassle. In addition, communication facilities have been made easy. The new office houses extra meeting rooms. It has been taken well care of that project managers can carry out smooth communication with their teammates without others getting perturbed. To sum up, the new office will be taking care of all minute needs from both clients’ perspectives as well as of Yantram’s employees.


Awaiting New Opportunities

When we spoke to Mr. Avadhesh Mahajan, the management partner of Yantram Studio, we found out that he has a different perspective to this new development, and perhaps, a serious and genuine one. To him, the new office is a landmark for Yantram because it not only acts as a sign of growth for Yantram, but also marks its preparation to embrace new challenges and new opportunities.

page4He further clarified his point saying, “We have already ventured into new technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality. Such new technologies will demand skills and hard work. The new office makes sure that you people can work at ease and can give your best. So, get ready for more work.” This statement from Mr. Mahajan makes it pretty clear that we, at Yantram, are all set to embrace the new place and new opportunities as well.

Written by Yantram Architectural Studio

Founder & Managing Director - Yantram Animation Studio

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