Be the traveller of your dream house. The secret of 360° Panoramic View is here

“The expert of panorama is in your hand.” Have you ever thought of the pics that you click of your fantasy using your cell phone or smart phone or cameras can traverse you so beautifully?

The secret has just been revealed and taking this opportunity to share with you. It is like a child’s play. Just start clicking the images from all the corners of your imaginative world no matter which device you are using, be it your normal cell phone, smart phone or a lens or any digital camera. Don’t stop unless and until all the images get overlapped. But, the easiest way to capture the spherical area from all the angles, to and fro, up and down, digital camera with fisheye lens is requisite. The more the angle would be wide, the less you need to click to cover the entire sphere of the plot. The only difference in clicking images through phones and fisheye lens is the image count. Cell phones don’t cover wide area whereas fisheye lens can cover wide area resulting in less capturing of photos.

CaptureHow can we create 360° Panoramic View through this clicked images and take a 3D Virtual tour?

The only way out to create Panoramic View is to join those photos giving the best panoramic 3D rendering effects on a computer. When the shooting and assembling is done the result is a completely seamless, smooth image (without borders between photos), which can be viewed in any direction. You can truly enjoy the viewing experience that is close to the actual experience of the real world.

This visualization technology is highly in demand specially in the real estate sector where people are interested to take a Panoramic tour of the Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Veranda, Drawing Room,Office in fact the view of the entire abode or property or office site which they desire to buy.

Wanna experience such a beautiful view with your eyes, now? Take a look at this 360° Panoramic View. This is the best example of 360°Panoramic View created by Yantram Studio which gives you the access to an amazing virtual world, without programming required and provides you the best visualization of the particular property or area of your dream home from all angles and corners.

vlcsnap-2015-10-26-16h10m11s44Look at the view from up and down , to and fro , in fact from all the possible angle with a single click on the scene and drag the mouse. You will definitely feel the essence of your dream house!

Written by Yantram Architectural Studio

Founder & Managing Director - Yantram Animation Studio

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